Since 1984 I have created with cameras. In January 2010, a battle with congestive heart failure forced me to abandon my twenty year career as a computer network engineer. I received a heart transplant on June 25 2016.

Recording the beauty in people and nature is the love that greets me every morning when I awake. Photography and videography are my primary interests. Both are technical enough to appease my inner geek, while allowing me a creative outlet.

I love the social aspect of photography - the way that it connects me to people. When I am shooting a baseball game, parents and spectators offer to help. When I record a musician, the venue managers and patrons are always very considerate and helpful. I get to attend events that I might not attend otherwise and I am always amazed at the performances-- all type of performances: sports, music, drama, or fashion.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and view my site. Hopefully, we will create together soon.

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